More Junior Coaching!

Over the past few weeks Ben Langley Tennis Coaching has been meeting and delivering tennis sessions to several schools in and around the local area on behalf of PTC.

The most recent visit to Purton Tennis Club were 16 keen children from Meadow Park primary school in Cricklade.

Not all of the children had played tennis before so a taster session on how to play the 2 main shots (forehands and backhands) went ahead.

For such a big group of children they performed excellently, showing great listening and technical skills to play some lovely shots.

As always we finished off with some competition based games, followed by an always popular game of dodgeball to finish.

Purton Tennis Club and Ben Langley Tennis coaching look forward to next weeks sessions and welcoming them back again!

We don’t stop there..

This evening we are at St Mary’s school delivering an after school session!

To enquiry about any coaching (club, school or afterschool) please contact or 07954350579.